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A Time for Everything and Everything in Its Time

Welcome to the first blog post on this new Forgetful Fairy Art Studio website! The site has been live for a little while now, but with all-sorts going on in the background as always, it's taken a little while to clear the space to sit down and get writing again. It dawned on me this week that that's OK - some things do just get done in their own time, and when the time is right. Below I explain a little more about how the mantra in the title of this blog post is helping me to remember that just now...


Tiny seeds grow in time...


I caught sight of the saying “A place for everything and everything in it’s place” somewhere in a magazine, or on social media lately and it reminded me of how, when the children were small, they would often ask me if they could do something right now, or play a certain game right now, or go to the beach this very moment… and if the answer was ‘no’ I would often be able to gently distract them with my own version of the phrase by saying to them; “A time for everything and everything in its time”, with a kind smile.

I am reminded of it at the moment as I once again feel that sense of Autumnal urgency combined with the instinct to settle & snuggle down that always accompanies this time of year. The urgency comes from the feeling of all the projects rattling around in my mind that need to be finished in time for Christmas – projects with both real and imagined deadlines – for there is always a mix of those projects I have to do because I am already committed and all those I am dreaming of and may or may not have time for before the year draws to its close. There is also the inevitable acceleration of time as the new term settles in and everything marches towards Halloween and Christmas, and of course, many real-world problems that we are all facing now and have the deepest sense of urgency about them. Alongside everything, the season is slowly shifting, the Autumnal Equinox is here and there is the natural urge to go that little bit slower and snuggle in for ever earlier nights. How is it possible to hold both of these rhythms cosily and contentedly alongside one-another in a nourishing way?

Maybe I can take heed of that little saying myself just now, and remind myself; "A time for everything and everything in its time"… for it is possible to do both – to be energised by the 'back to school' clarity that September always brings, filled with excitement over projects and the things I’m making, joyful anticipation of all the things we’ll do as a family over the festive seasons, and to not rush, to take time over some of it, to enjoy beautiful Autumn walks and the world around me – I had the most magical walk in the woods one morning last week before settling down to work with renewed energy - and to catch a few of those precious and ever elusive magical early nights. If I allow it and trust in the moment – that my 'to do' list will help me get stuff done and that the to do list can wait sometimes - everything will happen in its own time and its own way, when the time is just right.


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