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Commissions & Bookings

Fairies & Dolls

I take bespoke orders for fairies, dolls and figures - and I am happy to either follow your brief entirely, help you dream up something based on pieces I have made before, or create something unique especially for you with your favourite colours or themes - for example you might have a hobby that you would like a handmade fairy to reflect in the form of a miniature object that she is holding... My fairies are increasingly mixed media, meaning there are lots of styles and elements to choose from, and they make beautiful keepsakes; each one feels characterful and alive, and I think, have a touch of magic about them too!  

Hand-made Crafted Heart Bold Colours Big Heart Badge

Art Work

I sell prints of my artwork at markets, but have also produced story illustrations and wedding invites over the years as well, with fairytale being a strong theme running throughout. I love taking custom orders, especially for small, grass-roots type projects as I love seeing creative ideas and dreams come to life.  

Workshops, Events & Crafternoons 

I have plenty of experience of hosting and facilitating craft workshops with children and families. I am passionate about using simple ideas, that give room for individual creativity and the open-ended experience of being able to settle into a state of creative flow, rather than worrying about techniques, the frustration of trying to make tricky things work, or 'getting it right'. This means that the workshop can be as much about the nourishing process of being creative as the end result - although I always aim for everyone to have something to take away with them. I am very flexible and can plan whole sessions - for example a 'crafternoon' well-being gathering or a birthday party, or simply being available to assist in hosting an event where the ideas are already planned out and an extra pair of hands would help to hold the space.


Prices for commissions and fairy orders will vary as it really depends on the project - each fairy or drawing is unique and vary in the amount of time they take to create. For fairy commissions, I charge equivalent to the price I charge in the shops that I sell through +35% extra fee to reflect the time we put into really exploring the bespoke design, and any sourcing of materials etc (prices for fairies in the shops currently range from £22-£40 GBP). 

The best thing is to make a direct enquiry, letting me know a little about your project or commission and I will get back to you to with specific prices (I have a price list available on request for fairies & dolls), or more open quotes that can be worked out according to the project. 

Fairy Blowing Bubbles Hand-drawn Illustration
Rainbow Hearts and Stars Pipecleaners
Dabbing Unicorn Smartie Tube Challenge
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