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About Forgetful Fairy Art Studio

Handdrawn Illustration Fairytale Home
Welcome to Forgetful Fairy Art Studio, and thank you for popping in...

I'm a mixed-media artist, maker, writer and mum of two inspired by the freedom of early childhood, to play, daydream and see the world in vivid rainbow colours. ​

I've been making art all my life, starting with my obsession for drawing owls and then people and cats at around age 9. I studied art and sculpture at A-level, but went on to train in dance, and later gained my MA in Somatic Studies and Laban Movement Analysis. I did spend a number of years working in the performing arts, but drawing and making was always there in the background. It was after my children were born that the deep urge to draw and make in every spare moment really sprang to life and I realised that I had to embrace my life's passion!

I started selling my work, at markets, in a shop in the town where I live, and taking orders and commissions - both for fairies and art-work. Alongside this I ran a weekly children's club where making was a regular activity, and creative workshops at a family Summer camp and forest school hosted by PowerWood C.I.C. several years in a row. I remain responsible for creativity development at PowerWood and also now sell my work at the Museum in the Park, Stroud and the Indigo Moon Holistics shop in Guildford. Throughout all my work is a spirit of playfulness, lightheartedness and a love of fairies, fairytale & magic, and a life-long obsession with #pastelrainbow! 

Why the name Forgetful Fairy Art Studio?

I have been asked this question quite a lot over the years. The first answer is fairly straightforward; I do love the world of Faery and making fairies and dolls is one of my true passions in life! But the real answer is a little less obvious... 

I mentioned above that when my children were born, a new wave of creativity opened up for me. When my son was born, I made sense of my birth experience by drawing my feelings in metaphoric images, I hand-made him all kinds of gifts, I wrote him stories, and as he grew older, I loved setting up all kinds of art projects for him as well. Then, after my daughter was born three years later, there was little time for me as a new mum of two to make much at all. Before long, it simply became a yearning. I felt I needed to draw, make, create. So, whilst she slept in the afternoons and my son was at nursery, for that precious hour or so to myself, I would draw or paint, make something  - I love exploring new crafts! - or write a little on my mummy blog. Alongside all of this was this deep sense, that when my daughter arrived, so did the fairies! 

We received all kinds of little fairy-orientated gifts and cards after she was born, and I became enchanted with the fairy shop in the town where I live... I saw it in a new light and would make quite regular visits with my babies in tow. They too were enthralled with the magical world of the Elemental kingdom alive and buzzing with faery energy as soon as we walked through the door. 

Fairies made their way into my drawings and stories, and I discovered the Waldorf-style Wool Fairies, and knew that I wanted to learn how to make them. I surprised even myself when I opened up to all of this so wholeheartedly. I also used to visit my Nanny's house, and after many years of forgetting or just not seeing, started noticing all the fairies, angels and butterflies dotted around her home. I had grown-up surrounded by this energy all along! 

So, Forgetful Fairy Art Studio, is really about remembering. Remembering what is so easily forgotten in 'proper grown-up' life, and finding my way home by making, drawing, playing,  and allowing the other-worldliness that  infuses both the fairy-world and the early years of childhood, to be a part of that.  

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