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I've always been passionate about super-simple craft and creative ideas that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike,  and that have a playful, fun (and magical!) element to them - and if they can be saturated with vibrant rainbow colour so much the better :-)   

Sometimes crafting isn't really about the end result, and more about exploring, playing, connecting, slowing down, creating space, being together, putting different ideas together, having fun, feeling proud of the effort put into trying something new - and of course, if there can be something lovingly homemade to keep, use, share or gift at the end - that is a lovely bonus! 

During the Coronovirus pandemic I've been writing a crafty blog and creating tutorials over on the PowerWood C.I.C. website.  I've started with some favourite activities that are well tried and tested here in our house, and everything I hope to share will be in the spirit of ease and simplicity but also offer scope to take things further should anyone wish to. 

I'll pop links to those blog posts here (click on the images) and share some additional ideas here from time to time.     


May 2020 - Introduction to Polymer Clay & Dragon Tutorial

Click on the images below

June 2020 - Introduction to Kawaii Drawing & D.I.Y. Sticker Tutorial 
July 2020 - Kickstart Your Creativity & Make Your Own Hanging Sign Tutorial 
August 2020 - Crafting for Connection & Make Your Own Super-Simple No-Sew Bunting Tutorial

Check back here in September for the next links or head straight over to the PowerWood website :-)

(There is also plenty of great support there for those of us experiencing challenge and overwhelm in this new coronovirus world - do check it out)

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