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Happy International Fairy Day 2022... A Midsummers Day Fairy Update

A short summer fairy-update post with plenty of pictures of handmade fairies and fun children's' art projects :-)


Happy Midsummer's Day - which also happens to be International Fairy Day too! With the Summer Solstice just passed, the warm weather we've had here these past couple of weeks and the roses blooming more abundantly than ever this year it feels like there's plenty fairy energy and inspiration around as well :-)

As it's 'Fairy Day' I've included plenty of pictures in this little fairy update... I did have a short break from fairy-making earlier this year, whilst we had a couple more rounds of covid in the house as well involvement with other creative projects. Looking back at pictures though, there are still plenty of fairies that have happily flown the nest.

This spring/summer inspired fairy I do still have here with me though and I haven't quite decided what I will do with her yet... I love the vintage vibe of the fabric her skirt is made of, the recycled vintage buttons, and her overall simplicity and summery feel. Sometimes, in-between orders I do like to try out different ideas for fairies, for my own enjoyment and learning as much as anything else. I might put her in my shop if I manage to stock it this year - but if anyone is interested in giving her a home please feel free to be in touch.

The little fairies below went to the Indigo Moon Holistics Shop in Guildford in the spring. Each fairy had beautiful crystal beads sewn to into their clothes and decorating their hair and wands, and each fairy was made to accompany a hand-selected crystal, all carefully chosen and sent to me by Indigo Moon. I was lucky enough to visit the shop in April and attend an opening event for their new therapy rooms. It was wonderful to spend some tranquil moments perusing all the beautiful crystals and other goodies in the shop, and also to meet some of the amazing community connected with Indigo Moon. I definitely came home feeling nourished and refreshed!

I've just started working on a new set of fairies for Indigo Moon, again with crystals that they have chosen. They should be making their way over to the shop in the next few weeks... watch this space!

Around that time I also managed to catch up and make this gorgeous 'gothy' fairy, requested at the end of last year. I really love getting bespoke requests like this and having the opportunity to bring different visions to life! It's tricky to see in the pictures but this fairy is about 22cm tall, with long stripy legs (and cute little ankle boots!) and big wide sparkly wings. It was a very happy moment seeing her being opened and so well received!

Similarly, this custom/bespoke fairy is tall and wide-winged. She has a more 'winter Queen' feel with plenty of detail and beading-work on her dress... she also has cosy little ankle boots, and plenty of sparkly fibres felted into her dress and wings, so she should shimmer when hanging in the light.

Amidst the fairies my daughter and I have been having plenty of fun making kids art project films for the Kids Art Spot and the pictures below are of some of the projects that are now live within the membership site. We really enjoy exploring lots of different materials and possibilities for turning simple, everyday objects or ideas into art. I also really enjoy seeing the emails that come through with the membership videos each week as they give plenty tips on why and how each project matters and hold benefits for children.

And finally the two 'gorgeous green' fairies below are off to town today with a few fairy friends. They will be going into the shop Haberdashery Twist on Stroud High Street, where they are bound to be very at home amongst all the gorgeous plants just outside! I'm slightly obsessed with vibrant greens again this year, and one of my highlights of this month was receiving some beautiful new green wool blends that I bought from the World of Wool website. I try to only top up my materials sparingly, so it's a real treat when I do! I'm loving how vibrant and sparkly this pair are! I made little felt roses to go on their dresses since the roses bloom in the month of June and are so abundant this year.

To mark the summer solstice this year, my daughter and I sat and sketched our garden, which after 'No Mow May' is looking very wild and verdant right now... we have a meadow of giant daisies, lots of other wild flowers, lavender, various herbs, roses, an apple and cherry tree as well as some brambles that are beginning to encroach. It really does all need to be cut back a bit, but for now, it's been so soothing to look out and be saturated with so much green...

I really hope this post finds you well and hopefully enjoying some of the warmth and festivity of June; the solstice a few days ago, street parties for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee earlier in the month, Glastonbury Festival this weekend, and of course... all the beautiful roses out in bloom too! ♥


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