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Fairies live here… A DIY Fairy Door Project

A short spring-time blog post including a video, sharing my mini-adventure of a DIY Fairy Door project 😊 


Although it’s still pretty cold outside just now, the blossoms and the daisies have been out for a little while and the trees in our garden have erupted into green again… It’s always so lovely to feel the return of the possibility for outside play; whether through longer walks later in the day with the lighter evenings, festivals and merriment at the weekends, coffee in the sunshine in the garden, or eating sandwiches in the park at lunchtime, there are plenty of moments to embrace a feeling of expanse, and things waking up at this time of year.

When the children were small it was always even the shortest trip to the park that would set our imaginations alight and all sorts of creative games would unfold…  Nature treasures of all kinds would quickly become incorporated into imaginary games and be transformed, through imagination, into the most unexpected things. Sometimes it was simply being outside in a wide-open space that would spark new games and ideas… I still love that sense of possibility now, when I step out into the park at this time of year, and I’m looking forward to being outside more again as the spring and summer continue to unfurl.

I spotted a little fairy garden at a local museum recently nestled near a lovely tree in full blossom, and it reminded me that simple props – like a little fairy door - can invite so many possibilities for imaginary play, both inside and out, as little otherworldly characters are conjured and explored. I always loved the way that fairy play seemed to overlap with intricate tales of miniature worlds and unending adventures; our own little fairy door here at home definitely developing all of our storytelling abilities!

I made this little fairy door for another project and as I was making it thought I would experiment with filming the process – including parts of my day when I’m outside – and turning it into a short video tutorial which you’ll find below. I had some fun pressing flowers in my daughters’ toy flower-press, saved from younger years, and I made a tiny fairy-tale felt flower garland to pop on the outside. The basic materials were really simple and included recycled card, hot glue, tissue paper & PVA and paints & paint pens…

There are lots of ideas for nature-based fairy play and crafting in this blog post too, including a mini-tutorial for a pressed flower keepsake craft at the end. There is so much calling to be explored outside at this time of year, and of course, it’s just so lovely to get down to ground level, sitting in the grass, at the base of a beautiful tree amongst the daisies, and other creatures… wondering if the fairies will come out to play 😊

I hope you've enjoyed this video... wishing you plenty of warm days ahead and maybe some fairy fun of your own outside this spring!?


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