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Spring Blessings

However you may be spending this Easter weekend inside and around your home, wishing you moments of joy and fun.


Fairy babies in spring... ♥

Like so many others this Easter we are spending our time at home whilst we are still all under lockdown here in the UK. It's OK, and if anything, because this last week has shifted into an even slower gear whilst home-school takes a pause for the holidays, there are a few things I am noticing and enjoying more than ever, and keeping a sense of quiet joy alive:

  • the birdsong that I haven't heard before

  • the distant sounds of the neighbourhood drifting on the air - lawnmowers, children playing, ball games, DIY projects...

  • the lazy peacefulness of our cat rustling in the grass and flowerbeds in our garden

  • the blossoms on our apple and cherry tree

  • tea and sunshine and moments of pause sitting on our deckchairs

  • bumblebees buzzing nearby

  • the light in the living room

  • having the garden doors open

  • gentle Easter crafts filled with colour

  • a down-sized egg hunt, but an egg-hunt none-the-less

  • the sounds of the children playing and getting along, however long it lasts...

  • the feeling that spring is definitely here, and that even though we can't go far, we can still appreciate it where we are.

These are some of the simplest pleasures, but they are calling me present and giving the feeling that an Easter weekend at home can be as perfectly lovely as any.

My heart goes out to all those working so hard through this pandemic and those who are not having an easy time of all of this, and indeed anyone who is unwell at this time.

I hope that, however you are spending this home-based Easter, there can be moments of hope, and that you can enjoy some of the blessings, joys and playful energy of spring right where you are.


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