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"All adrift but heading into the Light"

Navigating towards the light during these strange times of Coronovirus lockdown days...


I'm writing this as we come towards the end of our second week in lockdown due to the global pandemic of Covid-19.

Like so very many of us right now, much of my usual work rhythm has been disrupted whilst I get to grips with home-educating and finding a new daily rhythm that helps us all to stay ‘on the right side of the tracks’ in terms of our mental, emotional, spiritual – and physical – wellbeing.

Whilst we’ve quite quickly discovered a routine that seems to be working, everyday has held a different energy, been a different journey… new pieces of technology to navigate, the initial excitement of PE with Joe Wicks and after a few days feeling pretty achy and tired out, the sun shining – the feeling of spring bursting through, and then, not (it feels more like winter again this week, despite the clocks changing). The news and the daily press briefings, the time it takes to sort our shopping deliveries, being on screens way more than usual, being in each other’s spaces…

Mostly we have adapted well. With four of us each trying to conduct our essential activities of work, education and connecting to friends, life still feels pretty busy, and there is much to be grateful for.

But then there are the moments of pause when the surreal-ness of this changing time dawns crystal clear and it can feel moving and overwhelming to say the least.

Last week we all managed to sit together for an ‘art lesson’ – each able to work on our own projects for a little while. I completed this painting; it seemed to reflect and capture our mood – and as my mum so eloquently put it in our family WhatsApp group in response – “all adrift but heading into the light”. With none of us knowing what the world will look like after this – this is a time of transition; a dark night of the global soul, in which we will all be having our own journey and experience. There are undoubtedly moments of great challenge for so many of us, but also at times hope and light and there will be an end to this, at some point.

Maybe this image can feel calming to you as it does to me?

I’ve created a colouring sheet version – simply click on the non-colour version below to take you to the printable version. 😊

Sending much love and courage and strength to all in these strange lockdown days.


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