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Catching up...

A quick crafty catch-up post with fairy pictures and a look forward to some light & spring-like energy on the way :-)


After a slightly slower start to this year (covid finally reached us!), I've been catching-up over the last few weeks and have enjoyed playing with new spring-like fairy designs. This little 'rainbowy' pair, along with some friends, are ready to fly the nest soon. I hand-felted their little tops, and made matching felt from which to cut and sew the little skirt petals. I love the pastel-rainbow design, and was so excited to find perfectly complementing buttons to use for her wand... I think she is particularly spring-like, but I couldn't resist making a brightly coloured rainbow design too!

The little pair below flew the nest a few weeks ago, along with some fairy friends... they were a part of a collection of crystal fairies for the Indigo Moon Holistics shop in Guildford. They were inspired and accompanied by hematite and strawberry quartz crystals and presented in lovely boxes with the fairy and crystal together along with a few tiny surprises... I've started working on a spring collection of fairies that will also be making their way to the shop soon - again inspired by hand-picked crystals from Georgina and Jo. Their chosen colours and themes are so beautiful and vibrant, I can't wait to see these fairies come together :-)

I've also been having plenty of fun with my daughter making art activity videos for the Kids Art Spot membership site! Below are a few pictures from the videos we've made that have gone live in the site so far... I love the way these videos are presented. The activities shared are super do-able with clear steps and realistic materials that are readily available in many shops and even your cupboards at home. This is so great for just being able to get going on any given activity when the impulse arises or when you have a few spare moments. It's also makes planning in creative experiences easy too as everything is there in one place and it's possible to get a sense quite quickly of what is involved in each activity. I also love that it is free from advertising, and is a safe space for children to explore independently if they wish (although some supervision with the activities themselves may be required!).

We've also been really enjoying watching Britain's Best Young Artist on CBBC - we both love the way the show explores and showcases different art techniques & genres and I've loved seeing my daughter feel inspired to incorporate different approaches into her own art...

Earlier this month I had the absolute joy of receiving a box of gorgeous crystal goodies from Georgina and Jo at Indigo Moon Holistics, with beautifully chosen beads, full of spring energy, to complement my designs. Here's a sneaky-peek at some of the materials I'm using and drawing inspiration from - I'm so looking forward to seeing fairies emerge over the next few weeks...

I love the sense of possibility at this time of the year, as the days start to lighten a little and there's a feeling of emerging from the depths of winter. I also often find that natural energy starts to return a little more - which is always exciting for dreaming up and setting about new creative projects - and I love it when the crafts we make reflect, or help lift, our mood too. We loved making this floral wreath from recycled cardboard and I'm enjoying seeing it hanging our hallway each day, reminding me of the bright days (and projects!) to come.

I hope this post finds you well wherever you are, and maybe enjoying some crafty days of your own at home too, as well as some bright spring energy which is surely on its way soon!


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