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Autumn Update

I’ve been asked a few times what I’ll be up to this Autumn and whether I’m still taking orders – with everyone comfortably settled back to school and work (for now), it’s a good time to give an update 😊


For many many different reasons including genuinely wanting to enjoy the opportunity to experience home-education with the children and to minimise the stress that comes with being constantly distracted, I ended up having a pretty long and un-planned social media pause. It was very refreshing! I felt my own senses and for want of a better description; wild aliveness, returning. We had many creative and real-world mini-adventures (walks in new places close to home, plenty of projects), and our time as a family definitely felt calm and connected.

That said, I did spend some time writing a creativity blog and making crafty tutorials for PowerWood - an organisation specialising in raising awareness of neurodiversity as a positive force in society. These are on the PowerWood website – and the links can also be found on the Family Creativity page here. They have been a joy to make and more than anything, I hope to just be a cheerleading voice for anyone feeling the call to embark on their own creative adventures, however simple or grand they may be.

I also had the true pleasure of a gorgeous commission for three fairies to flutter their way quite literally to the other side of the world (see pics here, here & here), and an article published in the very inspiring and nourishing High Summer edition of Oh Magazine. The extremely beautiful art work on the front cover by illustrator Jago Silver took my breath away when my copy of the magazine landed on my doorstep; it couldn’t have been more accurate in depicting the spirit of what I was trying to convey in my ‘first-person story’.

And now for the Autumn! It’s been so lovely to settle into some fairy-making again and I’m currently working on some beautiful pieces that will go to the lovely shop at Museum in the Park, in Stroud. Some exciting collaborations are also underway – I’ve teamed up with healer, coach and crystal guru Jo from JoJo Soul to put together a limited edition range of Rainbow Aura Crystal Fairies; each hand-picked crystal will be accompanied by a unique fairy specially handmade to resonate with the quality of the crystal and will be presented in a beautiful gift box with a few tiny surprises, for a super-special treat! I can’t wait to see this project unfold! I’ll share more about the other projects as they develop but for now they are – "shhhh!" – whilst we explore and begin to get to work…

And finally, at this time of year I start receiving requests for fairies in time for Christmas. This year, I still hope to be able to take orders as I usually do, and as well as this I would love to offer to make fairies using treasured buttons, gems, or charms from jewellery, perhaps inherited or passed down, and that hold sentimental value. A fairy inspired by such treasures could turn a single old button into a beautiful keepsake - find out more about this here.

Of course, everything will be subject to whatever happens regarding the virus this season, and like everyone, I’m hoping for as little disruption as possible… and with regards to my hand-made items; although I do work from home, to be covid-secure, everything is quarantined for at least 72 hours before it is posted (unless the postage-time is already longer than one week), or put on display – please do factor this in when making an order 😊.

I’m super-excited to be making again! I’m still not sure how much I’ll be posting on social media, but I will pop updates here from time to time… meanwhile, I’m wishing everyone a smooth transition into the autumn and winter season and hoping you and your loved ones can stay as well as can be.


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