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A Playful Awakening into Spring

A mini-creative round-up and update with some gorgeous digital dragon art by my daughter.


With the vernal equinox just passed, the afternoons feeling warm and bright over the last couple of weeks and with the children back to school for now, it really feels like the spring is here and that there is an opening up and a feeling of energy returning.

This stands in vast contrast to this point one year ago when everything was closing down and turning inward, away from the expanse of spring. It is definitely good to be feeling the return of some hope and optimism this time around, along with the return of the sun and the vibrant, heart-warming green of our small garden.

It’s been a happy return to making again for me too, with some beautiful projects underway - more about that shortly 😊. I’ve also started off on a playful note, following up on some slightly more experimental pieces I started during this during the latest lockdown – this sweet little ‘Sun, Moon and Stars’ fairy in the picture for this blog being one of them.

At the start of this year, I also set the intention to write the blog posts here with a bit more consistency. I hope they will become a bi-monthly blog post. It might be a general creative-round-up and update style blog post, or something more specific, but always a celebration of all things family creativity, craftiness and creative living – and rainbows and fairies too, of course! I’ve made a start on a blog post sharing lots of ‘fairy craft’ ideas, many of which we have enjoyed as a family and given us a great sense of playfulness and whimsy over the years – watch this space…

I am still writing a monthly craft blog and craft tutorial on the PowerWood website, and links to those can be found on the Family Creativity page, here. All of these are created in the spirit of ease and simple crafty fun, and explore activities to try at home – many are based on firm favourites, either things my own family have enjoyed or activities offered in the groups that I ran.

Plenty of fairy-making is also underway with another small limited edition of Crystal Fairies heading over to the Indigo Moon Holistics website and online shop (currently under construction but launching in the next few weeks!). These little fairies will be accompanied by a beautiful hand-picked crystal, and each fairy will be hand-made to carefully resonate with each unique crystal, and presented in a beautiful box with some other tiny goodies inside. They will be available for purchase from Indigo Moon in the near future, and we have some more unique ranges planned for later in the year too. Jo and Georgina are so generous in their heart centred mission to share their passion for a whole host of wellness practices, and helping others along the path to wellbeing too. Do have a look at what they have to offer 😊

On a more personal note, whilst stocking up on sparkly wools for my fairies, I’ve finally gotten around to buying a gorgeous kit to make a felted deer. It’s something I’ve had on my list for a very long time – I want to make one to sit on my stall at events, as a decoration more than anything, and also to play with different felting forms. I’ve bought this super lovely kit of Dixie the Deer from World of Wool and I can’t wait to get started!

I also thought I would share these magical digital drawings by my daughter (shared with her permission, of course). They are her first attempts at digital art and I find them truly inspiring. Not only because of her playful use of colourful and perspective, but because she herself has been so inspired by a book series based on dragons called “Wings of Fire” – and it is wonderful to see her translate this passion and imagination into her art – she is definitely a little illustrator in the making, I think! She’s inspiring me to explore digital art as well, and she is quickly becoming my teacher too!

And last year, this sweet Polymer Clay dragon tutorial was based on her own dragon design as well 😊.

I hope this post finds you well wherever you are and that the difficulties of the last year are beginning to lift for you too. I’m sending heart-felt wishes for the return of hope, possibility, and the joys of spring (or cosiness of autumn, if you are reading from another part of the world!) for us all as soon as can be.


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