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A pre-Christmas Fairy Update

It's been a very busy few months with plenty of fairies flying the nest! Here are some pictures of a selection of fairies that have gone off to different destinations & a little festive surprise at the end :-)


It really has been the busiest time around here these past few months with so many beautiful fairies making their way into being :-). I've so enjoyed the special and varied nature of each and every request and project. The first little fairy I'm sharing here is a wonderful commission for a boy fairy in purple... I jumped at the chance to experiment with making a tiny outfit, using wet-felting, and with the gorgeous purple-wool blend that I've been using since the spring this year.

For inspiration, I looked at the vintage fairy artwork of Cecily M. Barker as she really captures childlike, playful innocence in her paintings. I wanted this little fairy to have a sort of vintage, playful feel too, as well as being vey nature-inspired; hence giving him butterfly wings and a beautiful felted flower with leaves on his jacket. The little boots were definitely very intricate to make - but I was very pleased with the way they turned out! They sit in place on his feet, but are removable too :-)

This autumn I also designed and made another set of crystal fairies for Indigo Moon Holistics - a few are shown in the next set of pictures below. I made tiny dresses with wool and other mixed fabrics using a nuno-felting technique - and aimed to reflect some of the patterns, colours and qualities of the hand-picked crystals, in the textures of the wools and fabrics. I was amazed at how the felted wools so closely resembled some of the patterns in the stones! I also love the fact that fairies, crystals and the wools are all 'of the earth' and that they compliment each other with one being light and airy, and the other grounded and earthy.

These fairies all went to the new Indigo Moon Holistics shop in Guildford that opened earlier this month. Each fairy is presented in a beautiful box with a hand-picked crystal and a few little surprises... More fairies will be making their way there very soon!

A variety of different fairies also made their way to Haberdashery Twist and The Museum in the Park, both in Stroud. Some of the themes I chose to work with were winter, festive red, and rainbow Christmas... I've loved making all of them, and there are so many more lined up in my imagination waiting to be made.

I think the little fairy on the bottom left of this slide (above) wouldn't be out of place on the Strictly dance floor!

The last fairy that I'm popping in this post is an autumnal 'gothy' fairy that I made through October and around the time of half-term and Halloween. She was more of a personal project as I wanted to practice felting with lace and different materials, and I was so busy around that time that I didn't manage to make more for sale or share her, but I loved the way her felted dress and little black boots turned out - and maybe I'll make more fairies inspired by her in time for autumn next year!?

She has a crown of little orangey mushrooms and her big cobwebby wings were wet-felted and laced with gold sparkles.

And... the last bit of news for now is that my wonderful fellow crafter friend at @all.wool.and.a.yard.wide has hand-stitched these most gorgeous rainbow Christmas tree cards for sale through Forgetful Fairy Art Studio. We were hoping to pop them in the shop (on this website) in time for Christmas, but due to being so busy with fairy-making and other project commitments, I'm a bit behind schedule (I'm not sure that I'll be able to open it this year due to orders in progress - if not, it'll be a good project for me in 2022!). We do have a small number of these beautiful cards ready for sale now though, so please do be in touch if you would like one, even if the shop isn't live yet - we can still arrange for them to be sent your way :-)

These two designs are £5+ p&p and here is a little more about them:

Christmas meets rainbows on this delightful frame-able, keepsake Christmas card. Hand-stitched by @all.wool.and.a.yard.wide in Yorkshire where textiles have been part of the heritage and landscape for hundreds of years. Tiny bauble-beads and the golden-thread star give this rainbow tree a touch of sparkle!

The rainbow theme is continued inside with a greeting that simply reads “wishes”.

I'm super excited to be able to add these to the collection of rainbowy goodies that I love to make in celebration of the festive season each year!

That's all for now! I'm still beavering away on fairies, and now that our own Christmas tree is up as of yesterday - it's definitely starting to feel festive! Wishing you plenty of happy moments in your own rituals and celebrations as the season unfolds... :-)


Dec 04, 2021

Thank you so much for my gorgeous boy. He is more beautiful and special than I could have imagined.

He makes me smile every time I look at him.

You are so talented and creative 💖 xx

Abigail Cole
Abigail Cole
Dec 06, 2021
Replying to

Thank you so much for your wonderful kind words! I'm so pleased that you are enjoying him and truly - he was an absolute joy to make!! xxxx

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